I’ve been told that real love is seeing yourself in another.

While my spirituality tells me that I am one with the universe.

Connected to everything and everyone, it can be no other way.

As a human being, my being tells me I have everything I need.

My humanness says, (or should I say my ego asks) but do you

have everything you want, as it’s always needy.


At this juncture, it’s all a matter of what perspective I choose.

For if I decide I want what I have, I’ll always have what I want.

Gratitude is the mechanism that relieves me from searching  

the rest of my life for something I don’t need and will never find.

Gratitude allows me to love and trust myself today, a complete

being, just as I am.


When I start to think about other humans more than I think about

myself most of my problems seem to vanish. I try to reframe the

rest as suggestions for what to work on next. When I see someone

I don’t like I’m not seeing them at all, only a reflection of something

I don’t like about myself, another suggestion perhaps.


As humans in this form, we’re not here for long, so I try to stop

wasting time and energy coming up with solutions for problems

that only exist in my head. That has cleared up my thinking and

allowed me to realize that I can validate myself. No longer do I

need to spend the time or energy searching for someone to do

that for me.


I can’t go out and find happiness only tire myself out looking.

All I can do is to create the space where it can happen and be

in a receptive state when it does. Also, I can’t fix anybody only

ruin myself trying. What I can do is give them hope that things

can get better by example. Not to mention nobody is broken. I

wasn’t fixed once I found the right lens to view life through, am

only learning to use the tools I already possessed.


My ego grows weak as my consciousness grows strong.

Today I choose to water my consciousness rather than feed my ego.

When I hate myself the whole world hates me too.

When I love myself I feel love looking back at me from you.



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