What would you be doing and saying?

I was recently combing through old scraps of things I wanted to remember and came across a question to help lead a family discussion. The question is, “If we wanted to be the best family we could, what kinds of things would we be doing and saying?” What a great targeted question to ask of people. And how great that you could exchange the word family for lots of other terms, like company, friends, team, person. I really like that it asked us to reflect on the actions we would engage in while being the best, it doesn’t leave it open and general. What would we be doing and saying. I wonder if we asked, “If we wanted to be the best community we could, what kinds of things would we be doing or saying?”, to everyone how varied our responses would be. What would make us the best community we could be? Would it be a place where everyone was equally included and valued. Could it include building relationships where everyone is free to express who they are and be respected for their differences. Does it mean that everyone has their basic needs met and has opportunities to participate? Some individuals would describe the best community in terms on concrete resources, supports, and opportunities. While others would use the relationships between members as a way to measure. I like to think about it less on what would make us the best community, and more in terms of the second part. What are each one of us doing and saying when we are living in the best community. How are we treating one another. Are we holding doors and exchanging greetings with strangers? For me, that is one of the things I’m doing. I am also asking questions and learning. If I’m living in the best community we can be, I’m learning about myself and those around me in a constant and purposeful way. I’m also finding ways to be of service. What are things that you are doing and saying? Are there times when you find yourself holding back these behaviors? I would like to challenge each one of my readers, think about this question and what you would do and say if we were living in the best community we could be. What are you doing and saying and how can we each start embodying that in our daily lives? I encourage you to comment and share what you are saying and doing. Let’s work together and see what shifts can happen.


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