Mid Major Comfort and Confidence

Do you ever wonder if the Olympic Athletes worry about being good enough? Do you think they are hearing voices of self-doubt and negativity? As I’ve watched these people tackle what seems like un-human feats I find myself wondering if they are born being comfortable with the stress that comes from excelling at something, or if they ever felt like a mid major athlete who was getting lucky. I’ve joked that I enjoy being a mid-major player in my professional life. You know, major enough to get invited to the “right” meetings, but not major enough that people will see my flaws. There is comfort in not being in the spotlight. In the light, others can pick apart what you say or do. I’ve always worried that if examined closely, someone would notice that I’m not perfect. Now, just to be clear I know fully well I’m not perfect. I don’t even think I’m close. I’m just a plain jane woman trying to do the best I can each day. And although I don’t expect myself to be perfect, I feel that others expect that from me. Sounds silly, but I know that others have the same experience. We have the ability to examine our minor flaws in way that makes them seem enormous. I’m working on changing that, and I’m challenging you to also do the same. Can we find a way to turn off the negative self-talk and doubt so many of us hear? Can we learn to be comfortable in the spotlight? Can we embrace our differences and not see them as negative aspects. I don’t believe those Olympic Athletes stand at the starting gate and doubt themselves. I think they excel because they believe they can, and because they have trained themselves to believe they can. I think we can also train like the athletes, to believe in ourselves. Let’s work together to train on being more comfortable, train ourselves to enjoy the spotlight and to celebrate our strength.



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